Tuesday, July 29, 2014

lilac blazer and black playsuit

playsuit & blazer h&m • shoes Gabor • bag secondhand

Woa woa, a piece of clothing that isn't black? I love this lilac-y color and how well it goes with black! The playsuit is my go-to piece of clothing with this hot weather. I also had my hair in a low topknot. I like the way it looks and it's great with this hot weather too! I went for a nude colour on the lips instead of red, what do you think? I mixed lipliner Catrice 'upper brown side' with mac lipstick 'hue'

Keep an eye on my blog this friday! I'm doing a special giveaway what has to do with the Primark opening in Enschede august 19 :) I'm very excited about it, hopefully you guys will like it! x

Thursday, July 24, 2014

cigarette trousers

top bershka • trousers zara • shoes shelikes • necklace hat h&m

Oh oh oh, the weather is hot. Speaking of clothes, I'm not a summer-person. I like wearing layers, thick jumpers and cover myself up. I find it hard to put outfits together in the summer! Today, I went for a crop top, pencil trousers or cigarette trousers (they're in sale) and added a hat. I love this hat so much, It's from the new collection from H&M divided. 

I have to tell something to dutch readers for a giveaway.. Binnenkort staat er een hele leuke winactie op mijn blog ivm de opening van Primark (in mijn stad yay) Enschede, die 19 augustus open gaat! Dus vind je shoppen bij de primark leuk? hou dan mijn blog in de gaten volgende week! ;) x

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

DIY tree slice table

A couple of months ago I found this perfect tree slice in the woods. At the time I found it, the slice was wet from the bad weather. I had to let it dry for a long time. After it dried, I sand the wood slice to give it a flat surface and voila! part 1 done. Part 2 was finding some table legs. I used crossed ones from an old white coffee table and put them underneath. I hope to find black table legs some time, but for now, I really love this cute little table! What do you think? x

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dorhout Mees • Tony Cohen • Zyanya Keizer • Verena Michels • MBAFW

1 2 Tony Cohen • 3 4 5 Dorhout Mees • 6 Verena Michels • 7 8 Zyanya Keizer • pictures Yvet van der Naalt

Ohhh how I loved Dorhout Mees's show, everything just worked, the hair, the make-up, the video in the background, I absolutely loved it. The the theme was called 'o' everything was inspired by water or more specific the ability of water crystals to transform in certain environments. Tony Cohen's collection was stunning too. Especially the grey pieces, I'd love to own those one day. The label also presented a capsule collection for men! And last but not least, Verena Michels and Zyanya Keizer, their collections were really nice. Zyanya Keizer's collection reminded me a bit of Iris van Herpen though (turns out she did an internship there!) x