Friday, August 22, 2014

heisenberg t-shirt & I got a haircut

t-shirt Primark • jeans and jacket h&m

How cool is my new Heisenberg t-shirt? *insert sunglasses emoji here* Today I went shopping with a winner from the primark giveaway. She couldn't make it with the opening. It was really fun, we also had some lunch after which I instagrammed here. The t-shirt was 10 euros, from the men's section! I'm starting with Breaking Bad season 3 the moment you're reading this. It's probably the best show I've ever seen! 

Oh, I also got my hair done! my hair grows pretty fast. Now it's shorter in the front and one length, it was asymmetrical before. x

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Iconemesis cat phone case

When Iconemesis contacted me if I'd want to take part of their Indiegogo campaign I couldn't say no. Iconemesis is an online British accessories brand. They're working with inspiring designers to produce creative iPhone cases, since the launch back in August 2011! The super cute cat phone case I got was illustrated by Gemma Correll

Want a cute phone case like this? Iconemesis is running a campaign at Indiegogo, you can support them here! x

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Primark opening Enschede

pictures by me

Yay, today the the Primark opened in my town Enschede! It was busy in the morning. People waited for it to open and they got water bottles from Primark which was really kind. I tweeted out some pictures.

I went to the press opening with the winners of the giveaway! It started at 9:00 and it opened for the public at 11:00. As you can see above, the store is pretty big and there are many cash registers as well so you don’t have to wait too long! The shoe collection is huge too.

I liked the collection! I bought a coat, cat pjs and nail polish (instagrammed it here) I also bought something super cute and adorable for my cousins baby but I can't say what because she will probably read this :D 

Are you going to visit Primark Enschede? What do you think of the store? x

Primark Enschede
H.J.van Heekplein 90
7511HN Enschede 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Primark Enschede opening • part three giveaway

outfit Primark • The Primark giveaway posts are not sponsored, I purchased the clothes myself.

To continue the giveaway project with Primark for the opening in Enschede, last but not least, the third Primark outfit! I love these boyfriend jeans so much, the fit is perfect. It's a very casual outfit but to mix it up I like to wear it with my faux leather jacket and mules.

For the Dutch readers, you can still enter the Primark giveaway till August 14. I will announce the winners August 15! Click HERE to enter. In collaboration with Primark you can win a 100 giftcard and come to the pre-opening with me :) If you enter, don't forget to add your e-mail and follow the 4 rules. x