Friday, November 25, 2011

lovely things

bag: topshop / heels: nelly / necklace: rocknrose / dress: vila / nail polish: essence
Not posted for over a week, sorry! I felt a little bit stressed about school and was really tired. This weekend I have two birthdays, a open day and a shop day with a friend and I have to study for two exams too. Busy busy days!

Two days ago, Lucy tweeted me that I won her giveaway! I'm really happy. I normally don't enter these kinda things but Lucy's giveaway was a custom made phonecase and I absolutely love her phonecases. I couldn't resist to not enter the contest! Check them out here.

In december I have a schooldance. I'm searching for a cute dress and shoes. I really like this dress, I hope my local Vila has it! Not sure about the sleeves though, maybe gonna cut them íf the dress is nice in rl. I love these boots to, they remind me of the topshop allegras but then a modern version. x

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

fluffy jumper: new look / skirt: primark / ring: h&m / necklace: market stall

I love this jumper so much. I bought it this weekend when I was in Rotterdam. It keeps me warm, nice for the winter days! and again the skirt, like I said, you can mix it with everything.

I've got a couple of grades back for my exams, not the highest grades but if you compare it to my lack of studying and no concentration it went okay! x

Monday, November 14, 2011

jumper: springfield / skirt: monki / rings: market stall, bijoe brigitte / necklace: market stall

Maybe some people who follow me on tumblr knew that I bought this jumper and skirt. I think it's a cozy jumper for in the winter. It has pearls on it, cute! and I finally bought something velvet, I already had pants in velvet but I have to figure out what to wear with that!..

Oh, and maybe some people notice that I have a new header! I'm trying to get a better/prettier layout but it takes time, html isn't easy for me. x

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

jumper: new yorker / ring: market stall

It's my birthday today, I turned 17! kinda boring post but I have to study for exams so unfortunately not much time to blog this week.

Other news, I'm allowed to get a microdermal wrist piercing! yay x

Friday, November 04, 2011

both h&m

I bought the
skirt I'd mentioned in my previous post. I like the look of leather skirts so I have this one and the pleated one so I can change the outfit a bit. I also bought this jumper which I adore. I think it's really cute and perfect for the winter. (and easy to combine with a leather skirt!)

I'm searching for a new necklace. I have a turquoise stone pendant, silver triangle and a dark blue stone pendant. But I would love to have something like this or this in silver. Someone any tips for (online) stores?

ps: awesome giveaway here alix's blog and here lucy's blog x